Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vancouver Is My Favourite Place To you may already have guessed...

I love these street lights. You will see another one or two later. The downtown east side and Chinatown are so full of people and texture and color (and colorful people)

These brooms were so bright and sunny looking during our dreary grey weather, I had to take a photo.

I didn't change a thing in this photo. I loved how it showed people walking in every direction going about their business. It's full of many stories.

I did walk by this newspaper laying on the ground...then went back because it spoke to me! hahahhaaa

Sometimes, this is ugly...sometimes it's beautiful. You choose.

There is always change.


Taking this photo was more interesting than the photo itself. There were people ducking out of the way in the attempts to not be photographed. All day, we had comments from people saying they wanted their photos removed from our cameras. Was a grumpy person day. But we had fun with it anyways.

Had no resistance from this sweetie pie.

More lamp post photos and reflections.

I did set this photo up slightly in camera. There are 5 frames here, most of them have someone doing something different in each.

Clean up crew!

This beautiful gal seemed to show up either behind us or in front of us wherever we walked. I love her scarves and her pink glasses. I kind of wanted to hug her.

Shape and texture.

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