Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Fitting Name

Here is Aspen, my brother and sister in law's dog. She is a German Shorthaired Retriever and liked having her photo taken a lot. Quite a poser. She is a year and a half now, very sweet and bounding with energy.
This was taken last week while we stayed at their cabin over New Years. It got pretty darned cold but everyone stayed warm.
 Can you guess what she was doing when she posed for this? I'm pretty sure she had been looking for sticks or snowballs that someone had thrown for her.Was she thinking "Is there something on my face?" 
From a photographer's standpoint, the eyes should be the most focused on animals...frankly most people as well...but the lips on Aspen made this shot so sweet.
You will likely see more of Aspen in the future.
If you click on the photo, you will see up close how precious her face is.


  1. Nice photo Dar. You're right the eyes should usually be sharpest but when you're drawing attention to something else having the eyes a little soft is ok I think.

  2. Wow, she's beautiful! For so many years I let my fear of dogs get in the way of appreciating I can safely pet them and let them jump on me....of course I wash all my clothes as soon as I get home...
    Back to the photo....I can just picture her digging in the snow for the snowball...being so confused as to why it's gone....

  3. She is SO cute! Great photo...rules are made to be broken :)