Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Cry Broken Angel

Brook and I had a rainy photo day today. We intended on hanging around some Auto Wrecking yards and take some rusted metal and junk'ed car pictures.When we got there, and asked if we could take some shots, they said 'No.No photos.' I wonder if we made them nervous.After all we are very scary looking. A bit discouraging, but oh well. This is a shot from the graveyard across from John Oliver High School in Vancouver. Check out the tear in this Broken Angel's eye. Thanks to the rain.
(double click on the photo to see it up close)


  1. I took a couple of this statue of which one I will post later. I really like the angle you chose for her. The tear adds drama to it. Well done!

  2. Thanks Brook. I look forward to seeing what you did with your shots. Strangely enough, I pulled down the exposure of 2 other photos, and there was a halo around her head on both. But not all.

  3. wow! she's beautiful.... and thanks for the tip of getting the close up. there sure is alot of beauty in graveyards.