Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ahh Perfection....

Perfection....?Trying to focus wayyyyy inside the swirl of petals. 

Perfection....? There's really no need to modify any of these photos...Flowers seem to have been created perfectly. To survive, reproduce, grow. If our life was this simple....hmmmmm

Soft pink perfection

It's as if each flower was perfectly placed on this beauty! If this wasn't built to attract, I'm not sure what is.

Little spider webs on this scritchy scratchy looking show of buds. They come out lavendar purple. It's ... perfect.

Yup..can't change perfection!

I've heard that bamboo can be pretty destructive with it's roots strangling other roots. I'm pretty sure that the same doesn't go for their beauty above ground. Strong and perfect!

So..this photo is not so perfect. I decided to go against the 'rules' here. Normally the table and chair would be on the right the eye was drawn to it....This is not meant to strain your eyes...Just meant to show imprefection can be pretty too.

Simply perfect.

Another not so perfect shot...but I was playing with long exposure. I haven't done this before. Was fun to try.

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