Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Broken Angel

Brook and I had a great photo day today. It's rare, but sometimes a day comes around where our eyes are sharp, our creativity flows, and the photography gods (and angels) are looking over us. While wandering quietly around some alleyways we noticed some steam coming out of a wall vent that intrigued us. The wall it was attached to had some fabulous colour on it so we starting snapping shots. The owner of this steam and wall came out the door and started chatting us up. Noticing we had cameras, he asked many photography questions, testing our knowledge it seemed. He then invited us into his 'office' to check out what he does. To our shock and amazement, it was a massive photography studio complete with the biggest lighting set up I have ever seen, a printer the size of an SUV and some really amazing photo work. I nearly peed my pants! There were no markings or signs that told us this "Photographer's Garden Of Eden" was behind that wall. Steven LeMay was his name. Thank God Brook knew so much more than I did and proved our worthiness of seeing his work and chatting him up. I was a bit concerned that our time was up on our parking meter, but it was worth every cent (if we got a parking ticket...which we didn't). We tore ourselves away after about a half hour of visiting with him saying "WTF just happened there?!" and "What are the odds?" and "Holy *$&!*" smacking each other in the shoulder. Thank you Steven LeMay for the exhilirating conversation!  The photography (Angels) were looking down on us today.
This angel perhaps?

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  1. wow, what a great experience of a chance encounter! That's really cool.....I'll have to check out some of his work...